the projects.

In 2019, we at AND EMILI devoted again our time and effort to Amref Health Africa.


We worked hard, and with all our hearts, on their digital projects, then we chose to do more: we wanted to be part of Amref’s essential projects, as individuals and as a Company.


This year we proudly followed Amref’s path and witnessed the change happening in people’s lives when they look at the future with hope. The book Un mondo per tutti (A world for everyone) represents the Holiday Campaign of Amref for 2019: its stories describe the effect of hope in everyone’s life and the efficacy of Amref’s projects in Africa.

Support Amref with your Christmas gifts

AND EMILI supports one of Amref's projects in Africa: with our contribution a tank for clean water will be installed in a school in Kenya. Water is the first resource for African communities, their health and dignity: its availability allows children to attend school regularly.

Who is Amref

Amref Health Africa is the largest Africa-based healthcare nonprofit, operating since 1957. All of its projects are carried out with the involvement of local populations and aim to guarantee the right to health to men, women and children.


the partnership.

Amref AND EMILI, a partnership born from the digital projects that we managed for the non-profit organization. A deeper knowledge of Amref's activities motivated us to do more: this is why we have chosen to support them in a concrete way.


what you can do.

Amref's projects are thirsty for our support. Read more about these project realized in Africa with the involvement of local populations and with the aim of protecting childhood, allowing access to clean water and guaranteeing the right to health to men, women and children.

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